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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Saving!

Tis the season to take advantage of major retail sale events! The end of year sale events that most retailers have during this time of year come with a generous bonus - end of season sales included as well! 

Today's Fashion Fix Scoop will inform you about the latest deals for him and her - many of which are being extended up until a week after the new year! Let's bring in 2011 with critical stylish trends!

Enjoy up to 60% off these new winter markdowns: Accessories, skirts, jackets and much more!

For Him: Nordstrom
For a limited time, men can kick off the new year with discounts up to 50% off of shoes, apparel, scarfs and so much more! (orders over $200 receive free shipping) End sale date: 01/06/2011

General: Express (end of season sale)
Enjoy up to 60% off apparel, jewelry, and many more exciting items! Make sure to be quick, as the end of sale date is unknown.

Happy new year to every fashionista out there, be safe and have lots of fun! Cheers!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Scoop: From Rehab To Shoe Designer?

Today's Fashion Fix Scoop will take you into a world of drugs, sexuality, and shoes! - Wait a second, it sure sounds very much like Lindsay Lohan's world, doesn't it?

America's favorite red headed train wreck, Lindsay Lohan, is making another attempt at climbing up the market ladder - this time by creating "her very own" shoe line. 

It's no secret, there's been major buzz within the industry about Lohan - whether it's about the different types of drugs she's using, if she's really homosexual or not, or where she has been partying all night until after 3am.

Lohan has been in and out of jail/rehab all through out most of the year 2010 (her most recent stunt in rehab has been extended until early 2011) - This news may come off as an upper or downer to many people, it really depends on how the actions of the "has been star" rubs them (if they even do).

Lohan's shoe line will be added to her current fashion brand, "6126" - the shoes that she'll be "designing" are set to debut during autumn of next year, 2011.

Fashionably speaking, I'm not quite too thrilled with many celebrities who attempt to become "fashion designers" just to bring about their struggling-burned careers back into flaming light. Since Lohan has the ability to design shoes while in rehab, then I guess her drug treatment is going rather smooth - I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for her next relapse, which will most likely be the next "major scoop".

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trend Alert: Military Styled Denim Jackets (Huge)

Hello fashionistas, we are living in a mainstream world consisting of everything pop culture, where a trend can be hot now and cold tomorrow - which brings me to the discussion of the next pop craze,  denim jackets - military styled denim jackets. Today's Fashion Scoop will show you how celebrities rock the denim trend, while also pointing you in the right styling direction.

Celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna have both been fashionably guilty for wearing denim jackets while making many public appearances.

Rocking The Trend
Rule number (1): Never do double denim (ex. a pair of jeans with a chamboray/denim top). 

You're best bet would be to wear no other denim at all while wearing you're denim jacket - the point is to rock the current trend and bring out your edge with the denim jacket - forget everything else.

Rule number (2): Accessorize the trend, one must always remember to accessorize - a simple bracelet, chain, and handbag will kick some edge into your gear.

The best shoes for women to wear with this rock star image are booties with heels or knee-high boots that fold at the top.. Tip: Denim also goes well with leather and suede shoes.

Men can pair their denim jackets with khaki pants and leather sneakers, or military styled boots to match the image of the military styled denim jacket.

Have You Seen?

Check out these real hot military styled denim jackets by Balmain:

The first jacket above to the left is notorious from Rihanna making her public appearances at red carpets - and you can now get yours directly from the net-a-porter website (although it might already be sold out).