Monday, July 25, 2011

Q6 with Jairo Osorno (AlienHair) - Evolve Your Hair

Freddy Angel (All The Scoop Media) recently had the opportunity of catching up with Jairo Osorno (president/owner/founder of AlienHair products) during the first episode (series) of "Q6".

Here's the scoop:

"Q6" is a fashion related series (video-blog) featuring designers, high-end boutique owners, and people who also develop/produce fashionable products & accessories for the younger generation. Stay tuned - for more content & information please visit "All The Scoop Media" on Facebook & don't forget to visit our AlienHair buddies at - "Evolve Your Hair".

AlienHair can be found at your nearest Walgreens location, or online at Be sure to try both current available products "Static" & "Cement".

Static (Styling Gel) - consumers should use this product for the best "Electrifying Stability".

Cement (Spiking Glue) - control & style your hair to another world, experience the depth of "Gravitational Dominance".

Emilio Masella (Snooki's ex-boyfriend) & Mike "The Situation" (Jersey Shore) both use AlienHair.

Don't be left behind, "Evolve Your Hair" today! Checkout this cool video of Emilio Masella using AlienHair: 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lila Nikole "Summer Romance" Collection - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2011

Celebrity-blogger Freddy Angel (All The Scoop Media) & Denise Rivera (MindState Marketing Group) covered Lila Nikole's latest "Summer Romance" swim-wear collection during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 in Miami.

Here's the scoop:

Lila Nikole debuted her "Summer Romance" collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami Beach - which featured [new] combined designs from her "Beauty of Love & The Bleeding Heart" collections. Music was provided by celebrity DJ Rob Dinero - while Derik G handled all the photography. BONUS RECAP & COMMENTARY by Freddy Angel & Denise Rivera also included! After the fashion show was done, my partners Denise Rivera & Minto Jean arrived at Pinkroom Miami for the after-party where we linked up with Felisha Monet (99 Jamz) in VIP - thank you so much for everything . I have to also give the owner of Pinkroom Jennifer & the Manager Jose a shout-out for the 5-star service, as well as my favorite bartender ever Maggie - my team really appreciates everything you guys continue to do weekly!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

V74 Boutique Fashion Show At Pinkroom Miami (Exclusive Interview & Runway Show Footage)

Covering the celebrity networking event & [exclusive] V74 Boutique Fashion Show this past Thursday at Miami Beach Pinkroom was quite the thrill. I mingled in VIP with the likes of actor Laz Alonso, (99 Jamz) radio personality Felisha Monet & also interviewed V74 Boutique Owners Vanessa & Bianca - special thanks go out to Minto Jean for making all of this & more possible:

Heres the scoop:

I was able to catch [exclusive] video-footage from the fashion show & interview V74 Boutique owners Vanessa & Bianca back-stage after all the models walked the narrow catwalk at Pinkroom. The first clip is part of what I captured from the fashion show & the second clip is my interview with the lovely ladies of V74 Boutique:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miami Beach Pinkroom Welcomes Actor Laz Alonso (Exclusive Fashion Event)

Miami Beach's Fashion Scene will literally be a movie tomorrow night, as Pinkroom welcomes actor, Laz Alonso for an exclusive fashion show event.

Here's the scoop:

As the American Beach Film Festival returns to Miami today, South Beach's popular dance-club Pinkroom brings us entertainment film & televsion star, Laz Alonso (best known for his roles as "Tsu'tey" in Avatar & Fenix "Rise" Calderon in the Fast & Furius) for an exclusive fashion show event presented by V74 Boutique.

The celebrity networking party at Pinkroom tomorrow night will be co-hosted by Felisha Monet, and deliver music by DJ Stevie J & Top  Feelin. Whether you're a fashionista or socialite club-hopper and looking to attend this event, contact Minto Jean via Facebook to get on the guest list for tomorrow night. For table reservations please call (305)978-0954.

You won't want to miss this party & exclusive fashion event, I'll be making an appearance with models, video-vixens, & socialites - be sure to check my Extended Miami Scoop blog this weekend as I scope-out the party.