Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Q6 with Kinsey London (Fashion Scoop)

All The Scoop Media interview with fashion designer, Kinsey London & Freddy Angel

Here's the scoop:

We first met Kinsey London at the 7th annual Florida Entertainment Summit (Ladies First Fashion Event at Eve Nightclub). Make sure to checkout additional pictures from the FESummit directly on our website's gallery. Kinsey London will also be featured in our next publication for Chellea Magazine as well - www.allthescoopmedia.com

Friday, December 9, 2011

Q6 with James Cesar & Tasha Guerrier

All The Scoop Media attended the Martier fashion event at The Village in Gulf-Stream Park. We got to meet and interview runway coach and stylists, James Cesar & Tasha Guerrier. After the interview, we convinced James to instruct us how to walk a fierce runway - our highlighted favorite bonus clips from the Martier fashion show are also included below. Make sure to checkout the additional pictures & video clips from the Martier fashion show directly on our website's gallery - http://allthescoopmedia.com/gallery.html

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MBK Jewelry Collection By: Mark Free

Mark Free released his first collection of hand-crafted jewelry this past Monday night, and I was able to attend his preview event at the Camelot Salon & Spa in Coral Gables.

Here's the scoop:

Amazing length 
Several of the pieces showcased at the salon were exotic in nature and made from pure stone. 

The colors were vibrant and each piece was consistent with the entire collection - I was impressed with the selection of colors, many of which represented fall/winter, while some would be essential for spring as well. 

Styles also varied in length, offering a variety for every client - these longer pieces are fun and perfect to wear when making appearances. 

Make sure to get in contact with Mark at the Camelot Salon & Spa to get your hands on any of these items: (305) 443-5953.

Take a look at the pictures I snapped of my favorite pieces below:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives (Fashion Scoop)

Freddy Angel from All The Scoop Media attended the Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives fashion event saturday night in Miami Beach, Florida. Make sure to checkout the recap footage from this major fashion event on our Fashion Scoop blog at www.allthescoopmedia.com

Monday, November 14, 2011

Upcoming Fashion Events In Miami Beach (November-December) 2011

Over the next few weeks Fashion will take over Miami, and I've got details on all the hottest events you won't want to miss.

Here's the scoop:

It's going down this weekend in Miami Beach with the first private event hosted by 106th & Park's Rocsi Diaz at Sole on the Ocean. This private celebrity event will be held on Friday, November 18th with music by DJ Zion, DJ Skip, and MC Louie Knuckles - please contact my business partner Minto Jean (MindState Marketing Group) directly at (786) 271-2648 for more info about attending this event. Make sure to checkout my recap blog for this event on my website www.allthescoopmedia.com

The very next day (Saturday, November 19th), MTV will be streaming a 24 hour fashion event (live) in Miami Beach for Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives. Cotton's 24 hour runway show will premiere on MTV at 12pm. The show will feature 1,440 looks (one look per minute) and is set to have several celebrity appearances. Make sure to checkout my recap blog for this major fashion event as well on www.allthescoopmedia.com

The third annual Rockstar Fashion Throwdown event will be held at Club Play in Miami Beach on Saturday, December 10th. Hosted by Erica Mena, Arriverderchi, Kirby Maurier, Elizabeth Elias, and Charisse Jones

There will be a headlining event by Dawn Richards & fashion shows by: GAP/Banana Republic, Chandra Swimwear, Tagua & Orange Peel Designs, Rich Girlz Accessories, Wet Couture Swimwear. 

For more info about this event please call Randa at (305) 984-8751. Proceeds of this event will be going towards Hope for the Girls in Leon, Nicaragua. Make sure to checkout my recap blog for this major fashion event as well on www.allthescoopmedia.com

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Mini for Target (Trend Alert)

Gwen Stefani's Japanese-inspired fashion line, Harajuku Lovers, goes "mini"-  for the love of children.

Here's the scoop:

Target's latest collaboration with Gwen Stefani, Harajuku Mini, officially goes on sale today. Stefani's Japanese inspired line of childrenswear incorporates styles which are more commonly seen on younger adults, rather than typical children.

(The pics used with All The Scoop Media belong to Target & are intended for public/media use only - make sure to visit the official collection on Target's website linked in yellow above).

Harajuku Mini is edgy, hip, and consists of punk-styled aesthetic - skinny jeans, favorable plaid patterns for fall fashion - which are perfect for both boys and girls (ages 6 months and up), and even a selection of unique shoes & accessories to keep your little ones current with the fashion trend.

The best part about all of this are the affordable prices available exclusively at Target (no need to break your bank or hurt your pocket this season)!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Designers Prepare For New Look-Books & Editorial Presentations

It's Monday again and I'm super excited to see my favorite designers prepare their castings for fresh new look-books & very much anticipated editorial presentations!

Here's the scoop:

Trina Turk & GUESS by Marciano have both released some sneaks via Facebook today, and everyone is really excited to see the new additions.

Trina Turk
GUESS by Marciano

Rachel, Rodger, and Skyler
Celebrity stylist & designer, Rachel Zoe, also made a glamorous announcement last night, and if your one of those fashionistas that can't get enough of her [Zoe Report] blog - then you're really in luck. Team Zoe has just added two more blogs to their site, Zoe Beautiful (for the beauty obsessed) & AccessZOEries (for the accessory addicted).

Make sure to update your current preferences within her website to receive your new emails, omg it's ba-na-nas!

By the way, baby Skyler is so adorable, he's definitely the most fashion forward celebrity-baby!

Monday, September 26, 2011

(Trend Alert) Celebrity Leopard Craze

Fall fashion is officially in full effect, and my first trend alert this season comes straight from leopard crazed A-list celebrities currently dominating pop-culture.

Here's the scoop:

Leopard print will always have a home in fall fashion, designers have become more innovative, and stylists continue to get more creative. Fashionistas world-wide anticipate fall season [every year], demanding more supply of new and intriguing styles. Take a look at how these celebrities are currently wearing leopard print fashion:

Known for her genuine appreciation for fashion, Paris Hilton is huge for leopard - she literally wears it from head-to-toe.

Drake and Brad Goreski are here to prove that men can be just as fashion forward as the women in the industry, whether it's with a jacket or button collard shirt!

Kanye West and Brad Goreski were both caught wearing this seasons trendiest Givenchy leopard print jacket - [major] coinsidence, because Kanye is also on my trend alert for rocking last years denim trend with Rihanna. Even the cool kids, Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith, seem to embrace leopard print within their wordrobes.

Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV VMA 2011 Major Fashion Disasters!

Celebrities attended this years MTV VMA's showcasing major devastating fashion statements - (all of these pictures are from MTV.com - courtesy of Getty Images).

Here's the scoop:

"Lez-be-honest", whether she's showing up as as an embryo or accepting an award dressed in a red demon costume - we can never really doubt Lady Gaga's attention demanding sense of style. She opened this years VMA's dressed as a man named "Jo" (from head to toe) while smoking a cig, but hey maybe she really was born that way!

After the VMA's were over, Lady Gaga was spotted at one of the after parties dressed as a blonde woman in a sexy red outfit again - talk about a transformation!

I really didn't grasp the concept of Nicky Minaj's costume though - as she descended on the black carpet wearing an outrageous outfit with her mouth totally covered in some weird mask, she resembled something that would be typically featured on the sci-fi channel.

Nicki decided to take off whatever that thing was covering her mouth for the rest of the show - I really think she was trying to be some type of alien-barbie or something, but let's keep it real - it wasn't really working out for her!

Katy Perry entered the black carpet looking like something out of a fairy tale, but then she transformed into a huge cube headed doll or something - while Britney Spears accepted all of her awards looking very lost as usual.

I also think that Katy got upset when Kanye West joined her on stage, look at Kanye's face while she asked him how it felt to win his first moon man, that was hilarious! I believe he deserved it!

Did you guys get to check out Justin Beiber wearing those trendy leopard print shoes & red leather pants? It seems like the kids were actually more fashion forward than the adults this year!

I have to admit, the VMA's just aren't what they used to be. Whatever happened to the fun moments - like when Diana Ross grabbed Lil Kim's breast, Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee showed up naked wearing nothing but trench coats, and Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie crashing their motorcycles on the red carpet? Times surely have changed!

The only legit moment was when Beyonce let everyone know that she was finally pregnant - congrats Beyonce! When do we get to know if you're having either a boy or a girl - or maybe twins or triplets??

Jay-Z stayed very low key through out the entire night (after his performance with Kanye), and he didn't even clap after Chris Brown's performance, good for you!

I do have to admit though, it's not a really good look for many of these celebrities when the cast of Jersey Shore actually looks better than they do - shame on all of you! Where was Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino - don't tell me he got kicked off!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Q6 with Jairo Osorno (AlienHair) - Evolve Your Hair

Freddy Angel (All The Scoop Media) recently had the opportunity of catching up with Jairo Osorno (president/owner/founder of AlienHair products) during the first episode (series) of "Q6".

Here's the scoop:

"Q6" is a fashion related series (video-blog) featuring designers, high-end boutique owners, and people who also develop/produce fashionable products & accessories for the younger generation. Stay tuned - for more content & information please visit "All The Scoop Media" on Facebook & don't forget to visit our AlienHair buddies at www.AlienHair.com - "Evolve Your Hair".

AlienHair can be found at your nearest Walgreens location, or online at AlienHair.com. Be sure to try both current available products "Static" & "Cement".

Static (Styling Gel) - consumers should use this product for the best "Electrifying Stability".

Cement (Spiking Glue) - control & style your hair to another world, experience the depth of "Gravitational Dominance".

Emilio Masella (Snooki's ex-boyfriend) & Mike "The Situation" (Jersey Shore) both use AlienHair.

Don't be left behind, "Evolve Your Hair" today! Checkout this cool video of Emilio Masella using AlienHair: 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lila Nikole "Summer Romance" Collection - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 2011

Celebrity-blogger Freddy Angel (All The Scoop Media) & Denise Rivera (MindState Marketing Group) covered Lila Nikole's latest "Summer Romance" swim-wear collection during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 in Miami.

Here's the scoop:

Lila Nikole debuted her "Summer Romance" collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami Beach - which featured [new] combined designs from her "Beauty of Love & The Bleeding Heart" collections. Music was provided by celebrity DJ Rob Dinero - while Derik G handled all the photography. BONUS RECAP & COMMENTARY by Freddy Angel & Denise Rivera also included! After the fashion show was done, my partners Denise Rivera & Minto Jean arrived at Pinkroom Miami for the after-party where we linked up with Felisha Monet (99 Jamz) in VIP - thank you so much for everything . I have to also give the owner of Pinkroom Jennifer & the Manager Jose a shout-out for the 5-star service, as well as my favorite bartender ever Maggie - my team really appreciates everything you guys continue to do weekly!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

V74 Boutique Fashion Show At Pinkroom Miami (Exclusive Interview & Runway Show Footage)

Covering the celebrity networking event & [exclusive] V74 Boutique Fashion Show this past Thursday at Miami Beach Pinkroom was quite the thrill. I mingled in VIP with the likes of actor Laz Alonso, (99 Jamz) radio personality Felisha Monet & also interviewed V74 Boutique Owners Vanessa & Bianca - special thanks go out to Minto Jean for making all of this & more possible:

Heres the scoop:

I was able to catch [exclusive] video-footage from the fashion show & interview V74 Boutique owners Vanessa & Bianca back-stage after all the models walked the narrow catwalk at Pinkroom. The first clip is part of what I captured from the fashion show & the second clip is my interview with the lovely ladies of V74 Boutique:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miami Beach Pinkroom Welcomes Actor Laz Alonso (Exclusive Fashion Event)

Miami Beach's Fashion Scene will literally be a movie tomorrow night, as Pinkroom welcomes actor, Laz Alonso for an exclusive fashion show event.

Here's the scoop:

As the American Beach Film Festival returns to Miami today, South Beach's popular dance-club Pinkroom brings us entertainment film & televsion star, Laz Alonso (best known for his roles as "Tsu'tey" in Avatar & Fenix "Rise" Calderon in the Fast & Furius) for an exclusive fashion show event presented by V74 Boutique.

The celebrity networking party at Pinkroom tomorrow night will be co-hosted by Felisha Monet, and deliver music by DJ Stevie J & Top  Feelin. Whether you're a fashionista or socialite club-hopper and looking to attend this event, contact Minto Jean via Facebook to get on the guest list for tomorrow night. For table reservations please call (305)978-0954.

You won't want to miss this party & exclusive fashion event, I'll be making an appearance with models, video-vixens, & socialites - be sure to check my Extended Miami Scoop blog this weekend as I scope-out the party.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gregg Asher For Fashion Reality TV?

Today's Fashion Fix Scoop - Word on the street is that Dallas fashion-blogger & stylist, Gregg Asher will be appearing in an upcoming Bravo reality TV show. 

Here's the scoop:

The latest craze in the [fashion] industry is the clacking of Gregg's heels (and his chihuahua) ever since his "Fashion Baggage" blog went viral online over a year ago - and now he's allegedly caught the attention of major network executives over in LA.

When Asher was asked to comment on the rumors about him [possibly] appearing in a reality TV show with the Bravo Network, he simply replied: "you'll just have to tune in if you really want to know, I'm in LA network shopping for a show".

After doing more extensive research and digging through many online archives, I came across this Variety article related to an upcoming Bravo reality TV show called "Most Eligible: Dallas" - my gut tells me this might be linked [somehow] with the show that Asher is rumored to be apart of. I will continue to keep my readers updated with any new info that I'll get a hold of regarding Gregg Asher and this "new possible show".

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strike A Pose With Deborah Gregory (Trunk Show)

New York author/novelist, Deborah Gregory, will be at the Studio Museum of Harlem this coming Saturday & Sunday (Jan. 29 & 30).

Here's the scoop:

The fierce leopard queen will be "perched" in the museum with her art, jewelry, and autographed copies of her famous novels, "The Cheetah Girls" & "Catwalk: Strike A Pose".

Deborah will be paying homage to her feline fatales and legendary black icons - with a permanent collection consisting of over 1,600 pieces of artwork, the Studio Museum of Harlem is famous for it's gallery of artists with African decent.

Don't forget to visit Deborah's Cheetahrama website and check out the latest novel from her Catwalk book series, "Catwalk: Strike A Pose" - the teenage fashion scene has never been this serious!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fashion Transition: BCBGMAXAZRIA - Herve Leger (Pre-Spring 2011)

The time to update your wardrobe has officially arrived again ladies, we are now in the fashion transition period - from Winter to Spring, and today's Fashion Fix Scoop gives you a peak at BCBGMAXAZRIA's Herve Leger pre-spring 2011 collection.

There's nothing that catches my attention more than a detailed cocktail dress making it's way down the runway, which is why I love Herve Leger's pre-spring collection this year - I love the fact they've stayed true to their signature bandage cocktail dress and have extended them with more styles.

I got to see many of these designs last year during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY, and it's great that many of them are already available now! What I love about Spring is of course the color & metallics, but what I like about Herve Leger designs is that they're all formfitting for women but yet elegant.

The aesthetic I see from this upcoming Spring season has changed quite a bit from the current Fall/Winter season, the approach for the new season seems to offer more cutout v-neck dresses (many of which have the straps attached to the exterior of center bodice) with more simple designs, versus the more dramatic pieces this Fall/Winter which seem to revolve more around the current ruffle craze.

Take a look at the rest of Herve Leger pre-spring 2011 collection here, most of the dresses are currently available for online purchase, I would expect more styles added onto this collection for purchase as the new season gets closer.

Did You Know?
BCBGMAXAZRIA just recently added new Fall/Winter markdowns, this is a great opportunity to get up to 60% off your purchases. You might want to take a look as for there's a bargain on everything from accessories and shoes to apparel and handbags. Click here to see the new markdowns.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Event: Threads Of Color "Salute To America"

If you're going to be in or around NYC this coming tuesday (January 11), then you might want to check out this awesome live fashion model exhibition, "Threads Of Color" - which is what today's Fashion Fix Scoop is all about.

Threads Of Color is an awesome non-profit organization founded by CEO, Audrey Smaltz, which is dedicated to serving the fashion community by raising scholarship funds for fashion college students.

Participating designers for this event include Adrienne Landau, Carmen Marc Valvo, Stephen Burrows, Tracy Reese New York, Tommy Hilfiger and Edward Wilkerson.

There will be four fashionable artisans showcasing their handcrafted wares - which will also be available for purchase, including CATWALK & CHEETAH GIRLS author, Deborah Gregory, of Cheetahrama.

The event will be held on tuesday, January 11, at Bernstein Display Showroom, 151 West 25th Street, NYC.

Everyone is welcomed to join this event, supporters will gather for cocktails, food, live music, and informal modeling! Admission is only $20 - tickets can be purchased online at www.threadsofcolor.org. Please keep in mind proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards scholarship funds for college students.

Feel free to add Thread Of Colors on Facebook to stay updated!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trend Alert: ADIDOG (New Fashionable Pet Apparel)

There's absolutely nothing cuter than seeing a puppy in apparel being walked by an equally fashionable owner, and luckily for all of the fashionable dog owners in the world, today's Fashion Fix Scoop introduces you to Adidog, the most fashionable dog wear in the world!

Dog owners world-wide can now get their four legged best friends in this trendy fresh new look by Adidog, the latest pet fashion craze.

Adidog offers a great selection of  hoodies and singlets which can be ordered directly from their website.

Adidog also has a really cute "Aberdogie & Fetch" hoodie which is a must have!

Become an Adidog fan on Facebook and save 20% on your next Adidog vest purchase, just use the code: adidog20 on this website here: www.adidog.co.uk/offer.php

You can also follow Adidog on Twitter: @Adidoguk