Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gregg Asher For Fashion Reality TV?

Today's Fashion Fix Scoop - Word on the street is that Dallas fashion-blogger & stylist, Gregg Asher will be appearing in an upcoming Bravo reality TV show. 

Here's the scoop:

The latest craze in the [fashion] industry is the clacking of Gregg's heels (and his chihuahua) ever since his "Fashion Baggage" blog went viral online over a year ago - and now he's allegedly caught the attention of major network executives over in LA.

When Asher was asked to comment on the rumors about him [possibly] appearing in a reality TV show with the Bravo Network, he simply replied: "you'll just have to tune in if you really want to know, I'm in LA network shopping for a show".

After doing more extensive research and digging through many online archives, I came across this Variety article related to an upcoming Bravo reality TV show called "Most Eligible: Dallas" - my gut tells me this might be linked [somehow] with the show that Asher is rumored to be apart of. I will continue to keep my readers updated with any new info that I'll get a hold of regarding Gregg Asher and this "new possible show".

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