Monday, July 25, 2011

Q6 with Jairo Osorno (AlienHair) - Evolve Your Hair

Freddy Angel (All The Scoop Media) recently had the opportunity of catching up with Jairo Osorno (president/owner/founder of AlienHair products) during the first episode (series) of "Q6".

Here's the scoop:

"Q6" is a fashion related series (video-blog) featuring designers, high-end boutique owners, and people who also develop/produce fashionable products & accessories for the younger generation. Stay tuned - for more content & information please visit "All The Scoop Media" on Facebook & don't forget to visit our AlienHair buddies at - "Evolve Your Hair".

AlienHair can be found at your nearest Walgreens location, or online at Be sure to try both current available products "Static" & "Cement".

Static (Styling Gel) - consumers should use this product for the best "Electrifying Stability".

Cement (Spiking Glue) - control & style your hair to another world, experience the depth of "Gravitational Dominance".

Emilio Masella (Snooki's ex-boyfriend) & Mike "The Situation" (Jersey Shore) both use AlienHair.

Don't be left behind, "Evolve Your Hair" today! Checkout this cool video of Emilio Masella using AlienHair: 

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