Monday, February 13, 2012

If Singles Mingle Then Couples...WHAT????

DezignNation held its first annual event this past Saturday night and it was a fashion play at Coral Springs Center for the Arts

Here's the scoop:

Angela Smith "A. Guy" really took more of a theatrical approach with DezignNation's first annual fashion extravaganza - there was live music, poetry, acting, and of course plenty of fashion.

It was a great turnout and many couples were in attendance supporting the valentines themed event, and many of the singles who also came out were able to go on a "speed date" after the fashion play. 

Here are some of our highlights and favorite pieces from the show, we've also included a bonus video-interview with A. Guy and Mikai from DezignNation for Chellea Magazine - tune in and find out if the ladies are single and mingling or... What????

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