Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV VMA 2011 Major Fashion Disasters!

Celebrities attended this years MTV VMA's showcasing major devastating fashion statements - (all of these pictures are from - courtesy of Getty Images).

Here's the scoop:

"Lez-be-honest", whether she's showing up as as an embryo or accepting an award dressed in a red demon costume - we can never really doubt Lady Gaga's attention demanding sense of style. She opened this years VMA's dressed as a man named "Jo" (from head to toe) while smoking a cig, but hey maybe she really was born that way!

After the VMA's were over, Lady Gaga was spotted at one of the after parties dressed as a blonde woman in a sexy red outfit again - talk about a transformation!

I really didn't grasp the concept of Nicky Minaj's costume though - as she descended on the black carpet wearing an outrageous outfit with her mouth totally covered in some weird mask, she resembled something that would be typically featured on the sci-fi channel.

Nicki decided to take off whatever that thing was covering her mouth for the rest of the show - I really think she was trying to be some type of alien-barbie or something, but let's keep it real - it wasn't really working out for her!

Katy Perry entered the black carpet looking like something out of a fairy tale, but then she transformed into a huge cube headed doll or something - while Britney Spears accepted all of her awards looking very lost as usual.

I also think that Katy got upset when Kanye West joined her on stage, look at Kanye's face while she asked him how it felt to win his first moon man, that was hilarious! I believe he deserved it!

Did you guys get to check out Justin Beiber wearing those trendy leopard print shoes & red leather pants? It seems like the kids were actually more fashion forward than the adults this year!

I have to admit, the VMA's just aren't what they used to be. Whatever happened to the fun moments - like when Diana Ross grabbed Lil Kim's breast, Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee showed up naked wearing nothing but trench coats, and Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie crashing their motorcycles on the red carpet? Times surely have changed!

The only legit moment was when Beyonce let everyone know that she was finally pregnant - congrats Beyonce! When do we get to know if you're having either a boy or a girl - or maybe twins or triplets??

Jay-Z stayed very low key through out the entire night (after his performance with Kanye), and he didn't even clap after Chris Brown's performance, good for you!

I do have to admit though, it's not a really good look for many of these celebrities when the cast of Jersey Shore actually looks better than they do - shame on all of you! Where was Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino - don't tell me he got kicked off!

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