Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Avoid Over-Accessorizing This Fall Fashion Season

We all know jewelry and accessories go hand in hand when it comes to fashion, there are ways to rock jewelry and accessories to glam up certain outfits to make them more fashionable, but on the other hand - there's also a thing called over accessorizing. Here is today's fashion fix, enjoy:

(The Do Not's)
So now you're probably wondering where exactly is that line drawn between fashionably accessorizing your looks and over accessorizing them, and how can you avoid it? Well, it's all about selection - if you're wearing fur, you don't really need five necklaces, and if you're wearing metallics, be careful about wearing too much jewelry (you don't want to be so shiny out in public, it looks tacky).

(The Do's)
I'm pretty sure you've seen Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham at many red carpet events wearing the latest of trends, and if these women wear jewelry they almost never over accessorize. By paying close attention to detail in their outfits, Paris and Victoria usually make it to the best dressed celebrities in magazine pages and they're rarely on the worst dressed celebrities page.

You can take a few pointers from them as well, by becoming more cohesive with your choice of colors and types of gems when pairing them with your outfits (gem stones usually go well with cocktail dresses, while colorful accessories and sunglasses tend to compliment most denim outfits). Jewelry and accessories are a great thing indeed, but one should always know the limits.

Here is tomorrow's line-up for Paris Fashion Week:

10am   - Stella McCartney
11am   - Emanuel Ungaro
12pm   - Leonard
1:30pm- Giambattista Valli
3:00pm- Zucca
4:00pm- Cloe
5:00pm- Commuun
6:00pm- Vanessa Bruno
7:30pm- Yves Saint Laurent

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