Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Latest Trend In Eyewear: The Versace Medusa

When it comes to fashionable eye-wear, styles are vast and trends are therefore always changing - this is why today's Fashion Fix Scoop will focus on the new Versace Medusa collection by Versace.

Versace Medusa For Men

The new collection displays the Versace Medusa logo on the sides of each of pair, this logo represents everything Versace is all about- pure Italian high fashion.

For Women Three different styles of luxury over-sized sunglasses retailing between $190 - $245. 


The VE2113 is the womens advertised model on and sold exclusively at sunglasshut.com, which is also available in two options, a gold frame with gradient lens or the black frame with gray lens.

For Men: Two different styles of wrap-around luxury sunglasses retailing between $220 - $245


The VE2021 comes in two options as well, a gold and black frame with a gradient lens or the black and silver frame with a gray lens.

Staying up to date with your accessories and eye-wear is a must when it comes to fashion trends, get your pair of Versace Medusa Italian luxury sunglasses now to update your wardrobe of eye-wear collections.

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