Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Mariel Haenn Hollywood's Trendsetter?

Many people are intrigued by celebrity wardrobes, the stylish outfits they wear, and many of which become a popular guide of fashionable trends for the general audience - which is why I want to focus today's Fashion Fix Scoop on celebrity fashion stylist, Mariel Haenn.

Mariel Haenn is one my favorite fashion stylists, she's worked with top notch A-list celebrities such as Jay-Z, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Meagan Good and now she's making quite a name for herself as well - she's currently the image creator and mastermind behind Rihanna and Ciara's fashion.

Based on all the ad-campaigns she's been involved in (Cover Girl, Sean Jean, Pepsi and etc.), her superstar clientele, and all the styling for fashion editorial she's done, it seems Haenn is pretty much Hollywood's trendsetter - respectively.

Working with such public figures not only puts Haenn in a position where she's not just styling clients anymore, she's now reached a level where she's setting fashion trends all over the world.

The military look and leather gloves became a major trend last spring/summer season, right around the same time of Rihanna's music video, "Hard" debut (you can also see Ciara is also wearing leather gloves in her music video "Work" as well).

It would be great to see Mariel Haenn behind the scenes while working with her major clientele, something like her own reality TV show would really do me justice - well that's if she even has time for that.

Check out Mariel Haenn's portfolio and more of her work at her website here.

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